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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s New!

December 7, 2016: Meet the newest addition to the C by GE family... learn more here.

December 6, 2016: The C by GE app is not currently compatible with Android version 7.0 (Nougat) or higher. We are aggressively working to enable full compatibility in the very short term for our users and will release an update when it is available. We recommend continuing to use prior versions of Android to most effectively control your C by GE bulbs.

Bulb Specs

What is C by GE (C-Life/C-Sleep)?

Live the Good Light

These bulbs are specifically made to be fully controllable with the app and make life more comfortable. Dim or brighten instantly and you can group/control multiple bulbs.

C-Life: Optimal daytime light which is clear and clean

  • 11 Watts
  • 800 Lumens
  • 2700 Kelvin
  • Life: 22.8 years (based on 3hrs/day)

C-Sleep: Sync with your sleep cycle (3 settings for: nighttime, morning, and in between) with automatic transition that goes between calm light in the evening and vibrant light in the morning

  • 11 Watts
  • 730 Lumens
  • Varying Kelvin
  • Life: 22.8 years (based on 3hrs/day)

Do these work in any lamp/fixture?

Yes, any standard, non-dimmable lamp or fixture, just like regular bulbs..

Do they work in dimmable fixtures?

No. These bulbs do not work in these types of lamps or fixtures. You will experience flickering and poor performance.

Do they work in three-way switches?

Yes, but like any switch, if the bulb is powered off, you will not be able to control it with the app.

Are the bulbs going to heat up?

Yes, they can heat up, but no safety issues have been found.

Can I use the product outdoors?

The product is only “damp rated,” which means they must be protected against the elements. Just as in any other location, your phone needs to be in range of the bulbs to use the app (about 50 feet).

Using the App

What mobile platforms does C by GE currently support?

  • iOS – the C by GE app requires iOS 8.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Android – the C by GE app requires OS 4.3 or later, and is compatible with Smartphones and tablets on the Android system.

How do I download/install the app?

After install, follow the in-app instructions for setting up the bulbs.

Can I download this app to my Tablets/iPad?

Yes, as long as the tablet uses the Android or iOS platform.

Can I access C by GE interface from my computer or a web browser?

Currently, C by GE can only be accessed via the app on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Can multiple users control the same set of C by GE bulbs?

Yes. You and other people you share control with can log into the app on multiple devices and control the same set of bulbs.

Can I log into the app on multiple devices?

Yes, you can install the app and log in using the same account on multiple devices.

Can I share the app with other people?

Yes. Before you share with them, the person who you are sharing with will need to download the app and create an account. From the app’s home screen, tap the action menu (the 3 dot icon) in the upper right corner, and choose Share Control from the menu. Enter the email address of the person you’d like to share with.

Control can only be shared with a maximum of 5 email addresses.

The number of addresses controlling at any one moment is limited to the number of C by GE bulbs meshed together.

Does the app work with other connected bulbs?

No, the app can only control and adjust the C by GE (C-Life/C-Sleep) bulbs.

Can the app be used to control another device or appliance in my home?

No. The C by GE app is for use with these specific bulbs only.

What is the maximum number of bulbs I can control with the app?

About 50. Individual performance will vary based on home construction and bulb placement.

I’m having trouble adding bulbs to the app. What can I do?

Try the following:

  • Make sure you’re within range of the bulb (about 50 feet).
  • Make sure Bluetooth is powered on in your phone.
  • Join the bulbs a few at a time. Make sure bulbs you’re not joining are turned off.

What is “Follow the Sun”?

Follow the Sun is an option for C-Sleep bulbs only. When in Follow the Sun mode, your C-Sleep bulbs will gently turn on, change color through selected durations of AM, Day, and PM colors, and gently turn off automatically, based on the times of day of your choosing.

  • AM: bright, cool light
  • DAY: normal, everyday light
  • PM: warm, relaxing light

How do I customize “Follow the Sun”?

In the app, you can adjust the times when your bulbs switch between the AM, Day, and PM colors.

  1. Tap on the “More” option at the bottom of the screen
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Choose ‘Follow the Sun’
  4. Adjust the start times.
    • Turn on AM – gently starts to brighten 10 minutes prior (for example, turn on time set to 8am, brightening will start at 7:50am)
    • Switch to DAY
    • Switch to PM
    • Turn off – gently starts to dim after 30 minutes, and off in 5 more minutes (for example, turn off time is set to 11pm, dimming will occur until 11:30, with the bulb turning off at 1:35)

Why isn’t Follow the Sun working?

  • Remember, Follow the Sun is an option only for C-Sleep bulbs.
  • If you enable a Scene, it may override Follow the Sun.
  • If you change a bulb’s color directly, it will override the current Follow the Sun setting.
  • Your mobile device has to be within range of the bulbs for Follow the Sun to work (about 50 feet).
  • Any manual operation during AM auto brightening or during OFF auto dimming phases will take the function out of current phase.
  • The brightness level will maintain the same through AM, DAY, PM, or OFF, except during the auto-brightening and auto dimming phases.

If the bulb is off or turned off, it will stay off in spite of the selected phase times, except if in the AM phase.

Do the bulbs have motion sensors?

No, not currently, but this is a feature that GE is considering.

Can I use my voice to control the bulbs?

No, not currently, but this is a feature that GE is considering.

Can I set a timer or schedule for my bulbs?

No, not yet, but these features are currently under development.

Setting Up or Resetting Bulbs

Why won't my bulb turn on through the app?

Check the following:

  • Make sure that the bulb has power (ensure that it is not switched off at the fixture).
  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  • Make sure that the bulb is in range of the phone or other C by GE bulb (about 50 feet).

Why can’t the app find a newly installed bulb?

Check the following:

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  • Make sure that the bulb has power (it is not switched off at the fixture).
  • Make sure that the bulb is in range of the phone or other C by GE bulb (about 50 feet).
  • If the bulb was previously joined to a different place, previously been joined to a network, you may need to "reset" the bulb (please see the reset procedure).
  • Can I unplug and move bulbs without having to go through the setup process again?

    Yes. Bulbs can be changed from fixture to fixture, and your settings will remain the same.

    How do I reset my bulbs to the factory default?

    To reset the bulbs, you will use the wall or fixture switch.

    Tip: Are all the bulbs you are resetting in the same fixture? If so, you can reset them all at once using a dedicated switch.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Turn on the bulb and keep it on for 5-10 seconds
    2. Power off the bulb.
    3. Turn on the bulb for 1 second (short on)
    4. Power off the bulb.
    5. Turn on the bulb for 1 seconds (short on)
    6. Power off the bulb.
    7. Turn on the bulb for 1 seconds (short on)
    8. Power off the bulb.
    9. Turn on the bulb for 5-10 seconds (long on)
    10. Power off the bulb.
    11. Turn on the bulb for 5-10 seconds (long on)
    12. Power off the bulb.
    13. Turn on the bulb. If the bulb flashes 3 times, it has been successfully reset.

    Once you reset your bulbs, they will no longer appear in your app and will need to be added again.

    What do I do if reset doesn’t work?

    Try again, following the reset procedure closely. If you still cannot reset the bulbs, please contact or call 1-844-302-2943 for additional assistance.


    Acknowledgement with

    Having connectivity or control issues with Android phones or tablets?

    Some later versions of Android, particularly Android 6.0 and 6.0.01, and limited cases 5.1.1, are having issues with Bluetooth functionality. We are continuing to update our C by GE App to work around these known issues.

    Do I need WiFi/internet to control the bulbs?

    No. The C by GE bulbs are connected via Bluetooth to the mobile app on your mobile phone/device.

    Can I control the bulbs when I am not home?

    Not at this time. GE is working with vendors of hubs and gateways to provide this functionality. Look back to in the near future for more details.

    What is the range for controlling the bulbs?

    About 50ft from one of the bulbs. Performance will vary based on home construction and bulb placement. The bulbs can “mesh” together, effectively extending the control range. So if you are within range of one bulb, you can control other bulbs that are further away as long as the bulbs are with range of each other, a bit like a daisy chain.

    What happens if my power goes out?

    Like any bulb, the C by GE bulbs require electricity to operate. Once power is restored, the bulbs will reconnect to your app via Bluetooth. You will not be able to control the bulbs if they are powered off at the fixture.

    Does the app work with other GE bulbs or products?

    No, not at this time. The app works only with C by GE bulbs. Visit in the near future for more details.

    Do the C by GE bulbs work with other apps or products?

    No, not at this time.

    Will the use of this product affect any other electronic devices?

    C by GE uses Bluetooth 4.0, which has been tested to minimize interference with other devices. Use with devices with older versions of Bluetooth may have connectivity issues.

    How secure is the Bluetooth network that controls my lamp(s)?

    Very secure. After the lamps have been paired, the connection between your phone and the lamps is encrypted.

    Ordering and Returns

    How secure is my payment/credit card information?

    The C by GE website is powered by Shopify, which meets all 6 categories of PCI standards for security. See Shopify’s website for more information.

    Is joining the GE mailing list optional?

    Yes. Before you complete your order, you are given the option to join our mailing list for future promotions and information about other products available from GE.

    How long will shipping take?

    You will receive your order in 3-5 business days.

    How do I return the bulbs?

    1. Visit the Returns Manager page:
    2. Enter the original email address you provided and the order for your purchase.
    3. Click on 'LOOKUP'
    4. Click on to create a return.
    5. Fill in the information requested as best as possible.
    6. Click on Submit at the bottom of the box.
    7. You will be contacted with updated information about the return with any additional steps (if necessary).

    I am interested in C by GE bulbs but would like to buy a quantity less than the 4-bulb starter pack available on Are C by GE products available for purchase elsewhere?

    Yes, C by GE bulbs are available at Lowes (in stores and at, Target (in stores and at, and Amazon (



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