C by GE Soft White Smart Bulb

Soft White LED Smart Bulbs give you more control of perfect everyday light.

Smart light. Smart life.

This Bluetooth-enabled, voice controlled* smart bulb has the optimal soft white light—with instant dimming and brightening, preset scenes, and more. Perfect for every room, all day.

*when paired with a voice assistant

Set Schedules
Set & Save the Perfect Scene
Control Away From Home
Dim & Brighten
Control With Your Voice*
* Voice Assistant Required

Voice and
out-of-home control with the Google Assistant

C by GE bulbs are made to work with your Google devices. So connect your Soft White bulbs right out of the box and enjoy out-of-home or voice control all from the Google Home app. No hub needed. Tomorrow’s armful of groceries thank you.

Voice and
out-of-home control with Amazon Alexa

Want to enjoy voice and out-of-home control? Pair Soft White with C-Reach and an Amazon Alexa product and link them to the C by GE and Alexa apps. Edison and Alexa, together at last.

Smartphone control with the new C by GE App

Easily create any custom

scene you want

Set your lights to automatically turn on/off or dim/brighten at specific times of a day

Group your lights to control multiple bulbs at once

Show detailed specs

General Purpose

Smart light for everywhere else
Specifications Per Bulb

Brightness: 760 lumens

Actual Wattage Used: 9.5W

Replacement Wattage: 60W* *Provides nearly the same light output than a 60W incandescent bulb (760 lumens vs. 840 lumens)

Estimated Energy Cost Per Year: $1.14 (based on 3 hours use per day at 11c per kWh)

Rated Life: 13.7 years (at 3 hours per day use)

Light Appearance: 2700K Soft White

Bulb Type: A19

Base Type: Medium (E26)

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Compatible With: The Google Assistant using a Google Home device and Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit when paired with the C-Reach Smart Brid

Want voice and out-of-home control?
You'll need an assistant.

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