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GE Lighting Privacy POLICY for CONNECTED HOME Products

Last modified: FEBRUARY 28, 2018

GE Lighting (“GE Lighting” or “we”) has developed lightbulb technology which can be connected to interact with GE’s cloud-based services and may be voice enabled to provide users with interaction and functionality. We call these products our Connected Home Products. GE Lighting’s Connected Home Products may be connected and voice enabled to work with GE Lighting’s website C by GE ( and GE Lighting’s mobile application C by GE. GE Lighting’s Connected Home Products may also be voice enabled to work with smart home systems including Amazon’s Alexa, the Apple HomeKit and Google Home, which we call Third Party Connected Products, and with the third-party site Shopify. Use of the C by GE Website and the C by GE App is governed by GE’s Privacy Policy GE Lighting encourages you to read this Privacy Policy carefully before using the C by GE Website or the C by GE App. Through your use of the C by GE Website and the C by GE App, you agree to be bound by GE’s Privacy Policy, as supplemented or modified from time to time.

THIRD-PARTY Connected PRoducts and Sites

GE Lighting’s Connected Home products are designed to integrate with third-party services (e.g. Shopify, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, Google Home). GE Lighting’s C by GE Website and C by GE App may contain electronic links to other websites and/or mobile applications. These may include third-party sites controlled by companies that are not affiliates of GE or GE Lighting.

Any links to third-party web sites are provided for your convenience and information. These sites each have their own privacy policies which we recommend you review if you visit any linked web sites or connected your C by GE products to any Third Party Connected Home Products. Any use of a third-party website or mobile application will be controlled by the privacy policy of the relevant third-party. GE Lighting is not responsible for the content of linked sites or your use of the third-party sites.

GE or GE Lighting does not capture or store your login information or other personally identifiable information for any services provided by a third-party except for the purpose of pre-populating fields in your account profile, where relevant. Please note, however, GE or GE Lighting may store session information or cookies.

Shopify is the shopping cart platform for web based orders of C by GE products. To fulfill your order or purchase, Shopify collects your: name, email address, IP address, shipping and billing address, and credit card or payment information (collected but not stored).

Third Party Connected Products such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s HomeKit, and Google Home are voice-enabled smart home services that can integrate with GE Lighting’s Connected Home Products to increase the functionality and performance of the GE Lighting products. To do this the Third Party Connected Technology providers may collect personal information. Please refer to the relevant privacy policy below for the Connected Home Technology you choose to use:  

Shopify (

Amazon Alexa (,

Apple HomeKit (, and

Google Home (

For any questions related to GE Lighting’s C by GE App, C by GE Website or Connected Home Products, please reach out to GE Lighting at Feedback & Inquiries Form.

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