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Full Color LEDs

For both everyday use and entertainment value for holidays, sports celebrations and other moments, C by GE adds color solutions with millions of color options, plus tunable whites, in a 60-watt equivalent A19 bulb, a BR30 for recessed cans and a custom-sized light strip. Control them all with your voice, an app or through custom routines and schedules.

Smart Switch

Make any bulb smart with the introduction of new C by GE smart switches. In addition to our dimming and motion + dimming smart switches, which are already available, coming soon is a more basic on/off smart switch.

Smart Accessories

Smart Wall Plug

To make homes more productive and comfortable, C by GE adds an accessories platform. To start, a smart wall plug makes nearly anything controllable at or away from home with a consumer’s voice or an app, from a table lamp to the Christmas tree.

Motion Sensor

A new motion sensor means no more germy hands touching the wall switch or lights accidentally left on. A battery-powered motion sensor will detect motion and ambient light to control your lighting based on movement and light in the room.

Partner Ecosystem

To meet consumer preferences, in addition to Made for Google compatibility, these products will be compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit when using the C-Reach hub and the re-imagined C by GE app.

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