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The LED light bulb designed for your
natural sleep cycle.

Control with your phone
Bluetooth® enabled


There’s nothing more important than sleep. And it all starts with creating the right environment. C-Sleep creates the perfect bedroom light – warm and calm at night, crisp and vibrant in the morning.

Control with your phone
Bluetooth® enabled
No hub required

  • Dim or brighten instantly
  • Group & control multiple bulbs
  • Voice control via C-Reach smart bridge and with your Amazon Alexa or your Google Assistant
What the watt?

Watts don’t measure brightness - they measure the amount of energy needed. Because LEDs are so energy efficient, watts have gone by the wayside. C-Sleep and C-Life provide all the brightness you need for your whole home. But if you’re still stuck on watts, our maximum brightness is close to a 60w incandescent.

Go out like a light and wake
up like a rooster.

Night Owl

Warm and calm, to help you take
it down a notch before bed.

Be a Morning Person
(even if you’re not)

Crisp and vibrant
to help you get up and at ‘em.

Control it all from the app

Easily create custom scenes for all the things you do, like movie time and homework hour

Switch on all your lights before you step through the front door, so you’re always welcomed home

Control everything from anywhere in your home - from the couch to the kitchen

App available for download

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